Check-list check the website before delivery to the Customer

Check-list check the website before delivery
  1. Not verified and configured the tablet version, padding, overflow menu, overlay elements (much empty space or too short)
  2. Mobile version, a pop-up (modal components) - pop-up form does not fit in the screen / unable to send the form / if there is an input mask, then "slide" the cursor
  3. The email on the website (in contacts) is not listed
  4. E-mail to send messages from the site - not sent to the customer ("emailto"), not spent on a corporate box
  5. The "captcha" (forgotten?)
  6. Message about successful/not successful sending the form in English. language
  7. Message (letter) on request from the site with errors - not those fields are withdrawn (or not all), because of copying another form!
  8. No scroll buttons on mobile "to the top"
  9. Not having links to social networks
  10. Orfograficheskii error
  11. The positioning of the elements in depth invalid z-index (drop-down menu overlaps the floating elements)
  12. There is no image class img-responsive (responsive images)
  13. Not configured text editor - not prepared for class "responsive images" in a text editor (for the client)
  14. Instructions for working with the site there are instructions how to add standard page (category, product, etc.)
  15. Caching of the gallery is not removed! - dynamic pages that should not be cached
  16. Technical domain deny from indexing robots, until a working address
  17. Don't forget to open the indexing on the production domain after the site
  18. The phone number is not clickable (or not verified from a mobile), href="tel:+79226685346" no spaces to comply with the format!
  19. Links to downloadable resources open in the same tab (price lists, contact details....) - no target="_blank"
  20. ....(continued traceuet)

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