The story is about the promotion of website

The story is about the promotion of website

Imagine yourself in the place of the search engine.

You asked a question (a scientific, a search query) - where to eat? What you will answer? If you are aware of several options, in what order to call them ("rank")?

You're an honest search engine and strive for the most correct and fair answer to the question ("relevant").

You will probably be guided by personal experience and authoritative recommendations for you individuals (friends, relatives and other people you trust). Because if you give bad advice, you do not turn or will turn less, and will find another search engine, procompetencia. This is not in your best interest.

Therefore, you will analyze its database of options and give the most adequate from your point of view reply.

Question. They need to do catering to get to your list of 5-10 "delicious places" (TOP)?

Response. To establish itself in your eyes.

The day before yesterday, opened a pancake house difficult to get into your TOP (in the same way as a newborn website the top in Google/Yandex). It will take time until pancake house will acquire reputation and "links".

The owner of the pancake is interested to accelerate this process (as well as the site owner). But how? How to promote your pancake in your TOP pubs?

The action plan for the promotion:

  • To put everything in logical order according to their specialization: the entrance, the sign, the correct arrangement of the furniture, menu, service... (internal website optimization, semantic core of the site). Pancake house should not resemble neither a diner or an Italian restaurant.
  • Write about yourself in-depth reviews xgood sources rating regional magazines, Newspapers (to place the article in white article directories with a link to your website).
  • Even pay a pair of triple authority in the sphere of restaurant that they recommended you. Not really fair, but if carefully and properly, there is nothing wrong (buy/rent links, increase the reference mass). However, they need to pay every month, otherwise next month they will "remove links". To use this promotion strategy should be carefully. Imagine, a month ago, pancake has recommended 10 people, and today only 1 or 2. You, as a search engine decide: either you lied before, and now the deception is revealed and the trouble with this site - no stamp can not see him (ban search engines). Or the site is down, gone bankrupt, died - nothing to do there!
  • Regularly to diversify the menu, use fresh products to maintain adequate prices, find your style - its the signature dish (unique articles) that can't cook at another cafe.
  • Not to forget that food is important, but the interior also plays a role! (Unique good design really helps to promote).
  • If an expensive repair no money, then take in hands a broom and a rag (to clean up the code of the site, cleaning up trash and Vesi outside the Church, to eliminate errors).
  • To ensure faster distribution/customer service (stable, pay, fast hosting), no one wants to waste time in queues and downtime!
  • To invite their friends/familyrelatives/friends ("natural links").
  • To place brand frozen stuffed pancakes on sale in the supermarket, with a link to your pancake. (To provide some useful service that can "share" on another site, such as a calculator or widget).

Of course, this is not the whole complex of works on site promotion. Those methods that a few years ago, fast and 100% worked, today not so much effective. For a change there are new methods. But they all have one goal: to convince the search engine that the site is very relevant to the topic of the search query. Moreover, different search engines have to "convince" differently (they have their own evaluation criteria, sometimes contradicting each other). You need to choose a base (which, in your opinion, your potential customers are turning more often). Our experience shows that Yandex is better to move the original texts, and good Google indexing give regularly publish new photographs. Both, of course, need to pre-optimize, so they are better "understood" by search engines.

If you do not know where to start, start with available and free - write your thematic texts (you do a kind of expert in your business! .. otherwise you are not in it), place images, videos, be unique and honest with the user.

And people will be drawn)

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