How to cheat a pseudo-SEO-shnik


Example 1. Brought in TOP1 for 2 weeks manicure salon in Moscow.

A screenshot from the offer of one SEO company that proves the results of their work:

Как обманывают сеошники


At first glance it convincing! The last column shows what is really first place for 2 weeks (10-24 August).


View a list of words and column frequency :) — there is no productive phrases that will bring targeted traffic!

  • beauty salon nails SPb (why? we promote in Moscow, the frequency 0)
  • the nail Studio Peter (similar)
  • manicure 24 hours Moscow (nail files salon is open until 22h! not the clock)
  • nail files salon Moscow (come on! and what website should come in first place in the name of the salon :))

Now look at the table more carefully.

List of keywords sorted deliberately on the last column (the position of ascending) is seen by the arrow in the column heading. It is clear that it is the best option. In fact, sorting strings should always be on frequency! The more popular requests at the top the better, a tail with a zero frequency are not important.

Further, pseudochaotic lazy to cover the names of columns to mark on the list of phrases (with red marks %): August 4, 11%, 5 Aug 13%, August 12, at 8%. In the end, it is suspected that the site not only raised position, but even fell! (however, a complete list of words we don't provided)


To be continued.... :)

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