Case "Travel site" - 10 basic functions


Summer is the traditional time of holidays and vacations. At the peak of the tourist season. To derive maximum benefit from this influx from may to October, the tourist companies need to take care of online sales through their websites.

The website of the travel Agency or tour operator should provide customers with online booking is quick and convenient, and tour information easily accessible and relevant to your search.

Let's look at some of the key features that need to have travel sites.

Simple search filters

Фильтр поиска

You need uncluttered with unnecessary parameters, but providing all the necessary conditions for the search filters. Talk to the sales employees, read Yandex.Metric, ask customers to remove unnecessary matters from the filter.

Collections by tags

You need "quick search", which provides results based on the names of places, seasons, holidays, events. He helps clients in situations of "I'm on holiday from 7 to 21 in a month, where would I go", "where to take the kids for the weekend", "I want to Baikal view".

Поиск по тегам

Huge beautiful pictures

Don't fill the screen with rows of thumbnails of photos of poor quality. Several successful large well-chosen images in a slider incredibly well demonstrate the location and create the right mood for purchasing.

Шикарные фотографии

Customer reviews

Customer reviews are an integral part of the whole process retail tortrade and are effective drivers of sales and a reliable source of information for new customers.

Отзывы клиентов

Favorites list

If the client has not yet decided on a destination and exploring different destinations, your favorites list is a very useful tool that allows you to mark places that have recently liked in the search.

Избранное на сайте


Simple calendars

Good when easy to view calendar for arrival date and check-out POPs out of the field of departure and return: opportunity to highlight the range of dates saving days of previous and next months and simple buttons "today", "tomorrow" and "next week".

Удобный календарь

Clear prices with no hidden fees

Nothing will make a visitor to jump faster than unexpected fees and taxes. Despite your pushy sales tactics, clearly label prices throughout the booking process.

Прозрачная цена

The author's engaging content

Many different operators and travel agencies offering travel to similar, if not identical directions, so you'll stand out among the crowd of well written descriptions of the tours.

Оригинальный контент

Integration with map

It is useful to trace on the map the route, look at location and travel time.

На карте

Another gorgeous feature on the map may be a mark on the route of beautiful photos and important places of attractions.

Check for ease of sale

No matter how rosy and wonderful as the customer experience from the "travel" on the website through tour programs and reviews directly to the tour booking, often the travel sites have a tendency to complicate the design of armor, and accounting creates different barriers for the purchase of (payment methods, troubles with the advance payment, contract, etc.)

"Dormite" the customer a simple and intuitive form of ordering.

Простая форма брони


Good luck with your business and stable sales!

Make some awesome sitesthat will love your customers!

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