Single-page site or a large website - how to choose?

Single-page site or a large site


"Big" site

"Landing page"


And there needs to be a good

(price is not much different, if the design of one level).

Have a great website design a few pages, and landing one, but complexity and volume are in proportion

(considered to be in "screens")

Website creation (programming)

More expensive


(easier, don't need the projects directory and the search filter and sort)


(content and recording)

Longer and need a lot of information!

(photos, texts, videos...)

You need to regularly update and add.

Easier and less.

Filling almost all in the development stage.

A rare update.

Site maintenance


(there is functionality to update/add information on their own)

Not required

(but change only with the help of programmista)

SEO promotion

Well suited

(any kolichestvo requests)

Not suitable,

or narrow queries (to be imprisoned purely for them)



Fits even better

(the excess does not distract)

Speed download

(mobile versia)

Download faster, better adaptability (information divided into pages, do not all ship at once)

The download is noticeably lower

(everything is on one page, including images for all projects, although they are when downloading "invisible")




How to choose?

  1. Under SEO
  2. There is a projects directory with the filter by area/price...
  3. Many renovated houses and a separate section for them
  4. Objectively necessary inner pages (not all fit on one)
  1. Mostly for advertising
  2. If you have some projects or individual work (especially projects generally do not imply)
  3. If a narrow topic (one kind)
  4. If not enough information (need to beat design)
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