Want to work with us?

Want to work with us?

What awaits you:

  • the job of the content Manager in the company
  • workplace in the spacious office WebStudio in the city centre
  • wages on the interview results and TC
  • friendly atmosphere, "tea-coffee-cookies"
  • training

What will you do:

  • to update, add information to the site
  • publish news and photos in social networks, to prepare the content
  • to process images
  • to perform simple tasks on websites (for sample and instructions)
  • to work with content (to process, execute and properly file a texts)

Let's start simple. And there may go the way of the assistant designer, or programmer, optimizer or smm Creator. Have you been in business.

You have to:

  • Punctuality, accuracy, attentiveness. Responsibility. Hard work and desire to learn.
  • Skills in MS Office (“word”, “Excel” and visual editors very like them).
  • Minimum skills in graphic editors (photoshop, "Corele"...).
  • No "maybe" and "slipshod"!
  • To comply with corporate ethics (dedicated customer focus, order and cleanliness on the sites, attention to detail)

The rest will learn.


  • attempts to designers :)
  • perhaps the experience of doing websites
  • idea about html
  • experience in social networks (for example, led corporative group)
  • desire beautiful and interesting to write
  • knowledge of English
  • logic and a sense of style ("make beautiful")

Want to try?

On all questions, doubts, ideas, please contact:

  • 8 912 710 29 09 - you can call, text, Viber/Telegram (Natalia)
  • job@a-tum.ru - you can write on mail
  • https://vk.com/sov__a - you can write VK (Olga)

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