The cost of developing the website

Depending on the requirements of individual design and integration/synchronization of the website with different services, — development of the site may increase in price and terms.

You can navigate by reference points

Business card website with an individual design: from 25 000 RUB 1-2 weeks
Landing page (standard solution): from 25 000 RUB 1 week
Landing page with individual design: from 40 000 RUB 3-4 weeks
Corporate website (standard solution): from 35 000 RUB 3-4 weeks
Corporate website with an individual design: from 60 000 RUB 1-1.5 months
Online store (standard solution): from 65 000 RUB 4 weeks
Online shop with individual design, integration with 1C: from 200 000 RUB 3-4 months
Web-site: from 400 000 RUB from 7 months

We charge only for the work you do performed: if the task can be solved "checkmark" in the settings — we will do it for free, if you want to attract a programmer or designer, we evaluate the complexity and calculate the cost.

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