We webstudy full cycle from Kirov

  • Welcome to "Atum"!
  • We work with 2013. We 7 years. Implemented more than 230 projects. Experience each of our employee for at least 6 years. Freelancers we do not engage.
  • Best of all we work on complex projects: design design → responsive layout and integrated design → website development and programming components → ongoing integration with the various services → content quality unique content → optimization and promotion in search engines → customer engagement with contextual advertising → service project in the complex.
  • To get started, we thoroughly study Your product/service, analyze the online presence of Your competitors. Help to highlight the USP and the benefits. Find in each case the optimal solution for the design and functionality of the site within a comfortable budget for You. This is an individual approach.
  • We successfully launched the website from scratch in the shortest possible time (3 weeks!), even when "we have nothing, only the phone number".
  • We are official partners of 1C Bitrix. Our strength is complex projects on the "Bitrix"!
  • We programmed cool stuff on MODx Revolution and love this platform!
  • We found a reliable partner in the face of its loyal customers from different regions of our country: Yekaterinburg, Yoshkar-Ola, Kirov, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow and Moscow region, Nizhny Novgorod, Syktyvkar and Rep. Komi.
  • With us.

The biggest reward for us is Your gratitude:

... with you, just very pleasant and easy to work, after final completion project, I be sure to leave a review on your site if possible :) didn't expect you to send the manual. Not the first year engaged in various projects associated with the launch of it projects, our cooperation is one of the best in my practice. Considering the cost of the project and the quality of our interaction it's all the space :)

Such kind words inspire us to new feats!

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