Website for network of care centers Aibolit (Nizhny Novogorod)

Services for the development of the website

  • Prototyping (design concept) of the website of the service center.
  • The website design category Simple (desktop, tablet in landscape orientation): the layout of the homepage, the layout of a standard inner pages (articles).
  • Adaptive design for mobile devices (smartphone, tablet).
  • The design and content of directory services.
  • Internal SEO optimization of the website.
  • Copyright landing pages.
  • A range of services to promote the site in Nizhny Novgorod.

Design feature

To start we had to work quickly! Yesterday. And we have time :)

The fact that the site had to create from scratch, having only a price list for services not frighten us (well, if only just a little bit).

By the time we have already developed a few websites service stations in Russia, and have gained expertise in the matter of the proper structure of the sites of this topic, presentation of material, accents, priorities for service categories. Therefore, to understand did not last long.

The management of "Aybolita" is a progressive modern very energetic people. To work with such a pleasure!

These sites are like him