The website of wooden house building for the UK "Kaiserdom"

Services for the development of the website

  • Prototyping (design concept) of the site with the catalog structure.
  • Design of website (desktop, tablet in landscape orientation): the layout of the homepage, the layout of the typical interior page layout category (project list), the layout of the catalog item (the card project).
  • Custom design the mobile version (smartphone).
  • Custom design a tablet version (tablet in portrait orientation).
  • Design banners for the site.
  • The catalogue of projects with filtering and search options.
  • Page layout project (display additional fields, attachments, photo galleries, similar elements, reference to tags).
  • Menu catalog navigation categories.
  • Directory of news (articles), with a set of parameters. The development of navigation through directories.
  • Photo gallery.
  • The development of a flexible system of feedback forms.

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