Department of postgraduate education COHOBA "Kirov medical College"

Services for the development of the website

  • The design of the website.
  • Design adaptation for mobile version (smartphone) and tablet version (tablet in portrait orientation).
  • Module development and online testing of students:
    • Two test modes: demo mode and registration results.
    • Automatic generation of statements.
    • Import tests on the website.
  • The development of a module on online registration of students for the cycle (with automatic generation of Orders).
  • The development news section (articles).
  • The development of a flexible system of feedback forms.

Design feature

Sites for official government organizations have their own specifics both in design and in functional aspect.

Here we have implemented their online testing system with automatic recording of the results, counting, generation of statements. Also the teacher has the option to annul the result and allow the student to retake the test (only with the permission of the teacher!).

Guide COHOBA "Kirov medical College" constantly introducing services, allowing students in remote areas to register remotely on their specialty, to prepare for the test, submit application and to access educational-methodical information through the site.

We have been very pleased!

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