Enterprise portal RITS of Consultancies


Key points

  • Update 1C Bitrix
  • A comprehensive revision of the website and creation of new web services
  • Programming of additional functional of the site on the 1C Bitrix
  • The solution of complex technical problems and old bugs of the website
  • Working with someone else's code in the absence of documentation

The result

Updating and maintenance of sites on 1C Bitrix CMS requires a certain level of skill and experience of a team of programmers ("bytecodes").

Ecosystem and the ideology of Bitrix different from a simple CMS for beginners.

We develop sites on this platform since 2013 and are an official partner of Bitrix company.

Thanks to the company of Consultancies the opportunity to implement a variety of practical tasks for revision/maintenance of the website :

  • organization of the personal account for the company's clients,
  • limited access to exclusive content, with different levels of access to certain sections and online services,
  • conduct online quizzes (with automatic calculation of results),
  • registration for seminars and workshops (with podderjanie current schedules).
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