Site of construction company "Stroy Manigor"

Dramatic widescreen design with vibrant graphics
Manigor Stroy

Key points

  • category site Premium
  • the category "Wooden houses construction"
  • the company's focus on meeting deadlines and quality
  • convenient directory of projects
  • interactive map portfolio
  • presentation of video material

Development site with full immersion in the project!

What was done:

  • Prototyping (design concept) site wooden house building.
  • Design of website (desktop, tablet in landscape orientation): the layout of the homepage, the layout of the typical inner page.
  • The layout category of the directory + layout catalog page (card project).
  • Custom design the mobile version (smartphone).
  • Custom design a tablet version (tablet in portrait orientation).
  • Design banners for the site.
  • Mobile responsive 2-level main menu of the website.
  • Development of an interactive map built houses (with a page detailed description of the project).
  • Development of a catalog of projects.
  • Development project page (with additional fields, attachments, photo gallery of houses built under the project and reference to the map).
  • Menu catalog navigation categories.
  • Video blog Director.
  • Photos and video gallery.
  • The development of a flexible system of feedback forms.
  • The transfer of information from the old site with full forwarding (301 redirect).

The result

Site of construction company in the first place should be attractive. We were facing a difficult task in terms of design: to make beautiful, delicious, to move away from the "beaten" templates, but not to overwhelm the site.

Was rendered more than 10 thumbnails home page, before we found what we were looking for..

The result is a very spacious, stylish and warm website which comes to life from the touch of the mouse. The depth of view of the site during the first week increased (in comparison with the old site) in 9.7 times! The time spent on the website increased by 16 times!

One of the key moments was the creation of maps constructed facilities with the opportunity of selecting a point on the map, view photos and names of the construction at this point, and when you click the transition on the page with detailed description of the house, with live photos, video review, and additional information.

When moving to a new site (with WordPress to MODx), it was important not to lose the position of the site and keep indexed in the search engines page nakoplennoy reference ground. On all important pages we set up 301-redirects.

The website is in the process of filling the catalog of projects and work performed (what the customer is after our learning fine on his own).

We are glad that Manigor system has entrusted us with creating their new website which we plan to develop further :) and not to ostanavlivatsya there!

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