Large corporate website and online store for NGOs "DIODE"

Services for the development of the website

  • Prototyping (design concept) of the site with the catalog structure.
  • Design of website (desktop, tablet in landscape orientation) : the layout of the homepage, the layout of the typical inner page.
  • The layout category of the directory + layout catalog page (product card).
  • Design adaptation for mobile version (smartphone) and tablet version (tablet in portrait orientation).
  • Development of a catalog of products. Menu catalog navigation categories.
  • Order processing (generation of a PDF file a commercial proposal sending to e-mail).
  • A personal account of the buyer, the order history.
  • System of discounts.
  • Module "Ask a question or Express your opinion about the product."
  • The ability to specify prices in USD/EURO/RUR rate of the Central Bank.
  • Development of a catalog of news (articles), with a set of parameters. The development of navigation through directories.
  • Development of a photo gallery.
  • The development of a flexible system of feedback forms. Hide email ("click to show email").
  • The site is fully prepared for self-care.

Design feature

The collaboration began in 2016 with the application form on our website ("you Need a simple informative website, analogue").

The contract, oddly enough, signed up easily :) but then there were difficulties of understanding. Twice, at least, wanted to quit)) and the Diode and Atum. Since then much water has flowed, and we learned how to negotiate and find compromise solutions. Meticulously the Customer motivates us to search for optimal solutions.

Despite the fact that we are 1000 km away, in 2017 we paid a visit to the company's Diode in Moscow, met in person, they looked spacious, comfortable offices.

"Working with You very comfortable and productive" - really cool to hear.

We are proud of this work!

Иван Авдонин

Иван Авдонин / Менеджер по маркетингу

As found? Нашел в Яндексе/Гугле
Why did you choose us? Понравились ваши сайты
Than pleased you?
Than upset? Единственное, о чем можно сказать с сожалением ...ни о чем не жалеем)
In a word Атум))
For the money spent I can say: это того стоило!

These sites are like him