The redesign of the website: make your website modern and customer-oriented!

Sometimes a partial redesign of the site

When the site is modern and comfortable, but the analysis of the metrics shows that it is necessary to study the appearance of some elements:

  • Redesign of the Home page
  • The design of the "cap" of the site
  • Redesign of the feedback forms
  • A redesign of the card detailed description of the goods/services
  • The design of the page About the company (from plain text into presentable)
  • Design new landing pages

or full update of the design

When the design is "from zero", is outdated and annoying, does not meet modern requirements of adaptability and ease of perception:

  • The analysis of the target audience and competitors
  • Prototyping (sketch concept)
  • Individual design based on the prototypes
  • Adaptive layout design and integration to your CMS (if no need to change platform)
  • Page adaptation and the adjustment of site content to new design (cleaning the old styles inside pages)

Examples of work

Stages of work on the redesign:

  1. Design
  2. Layout design and integration to the engine
  3. Ponastroila engine (widgets)
  4. Adjustment of the content of existing pages
  5. Completion of the site (if necessary)

To estimate the cost need temporary access to the admin site to see the software part.

"How do you know that you can see the output?"

In any case, you need to talk (need to understand what you need and like and don't like and need to change).

Further, examples of websites you like (to focus).

What do not like (will not do).

Be sure to view our work, to highlight those that are popular and those that are not (and why).

Further, on the basis of interview and your preferences are sketches of prototypes of future models of design (schematic construction of pages). Prototypes agreed with you (after all adjustments).

When the prototypes are approved, we move on to design. Drawing the main page (we offer a consistently up to 3 layouts, but most often on the second layout customers already stop). The main page is rendered clean and agreed with you.

The design concept is agreed, on the basis of the Main page rendered the rest of the layouts (we recommend at least 2 of the layout for the list/category for more details). In the layouts you can make changes (the previous steps have been mutually agreed upon and approved, so not a lot of edits).

Thus you will see what is the output (before it is implemented on the website). After all the mockups, we move to coding and programming, etc.

The result can not be arranged, as all the stages was considered and adopted (where needed - have been adjusted).

Design each page to draw not necessarily (in order save budget). Fairly typical layout, which then will have made templates to fill the pages.

Important: once it's your design, you should go and skorrektirovat content of each page of the website (texts and images in the content), or they can "float" if the content contained old styles or some other design.

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