What to do in social networks

  • Analysis of Your business
  • Analysis of Your competitors
  • A portrait of Your target audience
  • Design, custom design
  • The plan posts and content curation
  • Attracting followers

How to make a group page:

  • branded avatars and art groups
  • templates for posts (awareness of your posts to stream subscribers)
  • to place the contact, phone, location map (information)
  • attractive, useful, motivating or exciting, and brief description of the group (it will be visible in the search results of Yandex, Google... next to the link to your group)
  • to complete and update the product offer (top-end goods, a sale, by occasion - New year / March 8,..., certificates in the amount, etc. - picture+name+price .. )
  • to develop a style keeping the group on behalf of the hero, on behalf of the expert, the comic, the official ...
  • photo albums with real photos of your company employees..

Tips on the maintenance and development

  • Lead in the feed section from a specialist (nutritionist, diagnostician, designer, chef..).
  • Useful posts with collections of your products or services (equipment, exercise, new products, tips on choosing of this).
  • Photo contests, or simply life-pictures of customers on the topic of the day (to start his own hashtag).
  • Motivational competitions (for a photo for the post, repost, for like for friends ...... - give bonuses or gifts, the value depends on the efforts of the client).
  • Voting for things (items, events..).
  • Polls.
  • Book reviews and suggestions (to start a Discussion on VK).
  • To use in posts gif animation (there are online services for the generation of gif-OK from the video and from the pictures, it is not difficult).
  • Do not forget about hashtags. Think in advance what sections of the topics you will conduct in Grupne, for them to invent and use special tags (and then they can make a menu group): a group of geographic (geo-tags), group products, group purpose, your unique, ...- are planned together with the content.
  • Add forms (on the bonus card, etc., to leave a review ...) and other applications on the subject.

Examples of our work:

  • https://vk.com/sibteploblok
  • https://vk.com/movingcomcom
  • https://vk.com/shopsportlandia
  • https://vk.com/bosch50
  • https://vk.com/suzukivnn

Where to get subscribers?

  • Paid cheat (not exactly legal and aggressive), it is not recommended, and it's not your target audience.
  • Contextual advertising (e.g. "Join the Sportlandia and get 500 bonus" ads to show the target audience, to shape it in different ways: by site, by age/gender on other groups such as the Adidas group, "Usins Online" etc.... )
  • Paid advertising in blogs is to negotiate with the bloggers and place them on the pages information about themselves for a fee.
  • Contests for membership (two-step: join the group and vote).
  • Spamming email addresses, SMS sending (your offline client).

Target audience analysis

The image of the buyer to form possible, starting with a base bonus cards, subscriber base, customer information.

Then use the VC statistics:

  • General: gender, age, geography (city), the device
  • in-depth:
    • identify the most popular community which consist of members of your group (at the moment)
    • friends lists of members of the group (in fact, the friends will see the post in the feed, so you can adjust the audience that will see your advertisement - to identify the most "fat" subscribers and motivate them to post on your wall)

Examples of work

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