Creation of sites of any complexity

Why the site like Your customers, search engines and You?
Website development

Key benefits

  • Listen carefully, recommend the optimal solution
  • Draw as many sketches as needed
  • 100% responsive feature for phone and net to code the site
  • Phased approval and payment. Installment
  • Detailed instructions for working with the website, training, consulting

A gift in the development of individual site*:

  • Domain in the zone ru/Russian Federation and the placement of the website on the hosting (1 year) Хостинг
  • Setup and maintenance of contextual advertising on the website (1 month)
  • Setting up a corporate email on a domain
  • Translation of website on secure https Protocol
WWWPHPmySQLjQueryCSS3+HTML5BootstrapMODx Revolution1C-BitrixWordPressDataLife Enginehttps

Use our strengths

  • Have extensive experience creating websites for wooden house building, automotive business (car sales and service) specific projects b2b.
  • Conduct integrating websites with CRM, 1C, services call-tracking and end-to-end analysts, translators of advertisements on Board.
  • We fully abide by the agreement! Project Manager in touch with you 24/7, well versed in your product, fix all your "fad", personally controls every stage and time.

We specialize in:

  • Sites of companies (corporate directories and attractive "business cards")
  • Landing-page (the"odnostranichnikov")
  • Online shopping from 50 000 to 250 000 rubles.
  • The portals with private offices
  • Individual projects
  • Ready industry solutions

Popular modules and components

  • Product catalog
  • Filtering, search, sorting
  • Basket
  • Online payment
  • The calculation of shipping
  • Application forms, anti-spam
  • Import/export
  • RSS parsing
  • Transfer to https
  • Calculators
  • UTM-tags
  • Version for the visually impaired
  • The English version
  • The printed version
  • Mobile version
  • Turbo page

What "write":

  • MODx Revolution — developed modules and plugins
  • 1C-Bitrix (we are partners of the Bitrix)
  • CS-Cart
  • HostCMS
  • WordPress
  • OpenCart
  • Joomla!
  • Shop-Script
  • DataLife Engine

Can competently and cleanly write code from scratch, or to deploy with a twist of a turnkey solution.

Студия Атум Киров 5 место в рейтинге Рунета 2019
Студия Атум Киров 9 место в рейтинге Рунета 2019
Студия Атум Киров 17 место в рейтинге Рунета 2019

Prices and terms

Online business card with individual design
Online business card with individual design
from 25 000 RUB
Landing page (standard solution)
Landing page (standard solution)
from 25 000 RUB
Landing page with individual design
Landing page with individual design
from 40 000 RUB
Corporate website (standard solution)
Corporate website (standard solution)
from 35 000 RUB
Corporate website with an individual design
Corporate website with an individual design
from 60 000 RUB
Online store (standard solution)
Online store (standard solution)
from 65 000 RUB
Online shop with individual design, integration with 1C
Online shop with individual design, integration with 1C
from 200 000 RUB
from 400 000 RUB

Ответы на важные вопросы


for example, the development of the site can be a one-time contract.


  1. Preparation of specification, prototyping,
  2. Customized design
  3. html/css/js layout of the design, mobile responsive,
  4. Developing a separate mobile version
  5. Integration design ("pull the engine"),
  6. Related design work (logos, business cards, banners...),
  7. Customization, installation and configuration modules, programming (php, in particular 1c-bitrix),
  8. Configuring import and export data.
  9. Sync with Avito, Yandex Market, etc.
  10. The content of information (selection, proofreading, production, publication),
  11. SEO-website optimization and promotion in search engines,
  12. Contextual advertising (J. Direct G AdWords)
  13. Support of social networks and targeted advertising (Facebook, Instagram)
  14. The collection and analysis of statistical data. Audit of website and advertising campaigns.


The site presents a list of works and clients. You can tell in detail for each project. Have experience in integrating various services with the platform of 1c-Bitrix and modx.


The formalization of the contract. W/o payment of account, closing documents. Office 14 Komsomolskaya in Kirov (Khlynov BTS) office 412. Full-time designers and programmers. Business Partner of 1C Bitrix. OOO Studio Atum, SP Nikulina N. With.

  1. Personal meeting (if possible and according to the customer), or a phone conversation/skype/email correspondence (especially for clients from other cities).
  2. Verbal statement of the problem (usually in the mode of interview to understand your goals and objectives and help you make the right decision).
  3. Further, there are two options:
    1. standard solution (based on the ready-made standard solution or sample, template,etc.)
    2. individual development: prototyping of all main pages of the website (draft concept), description, technical specifications
  4. Cost calculation design and preliminary cost estimates for the layout and design of the website (in the design process you may want to change the list of modules and so on).
  5. The contract to develop the site with the approved cost (all changes formlets additional agreements to the agreement).
  6. The invoice for the Deposit (usually 40% of the price of contact, but not less than the cost of design).
  7. Development and approval of the design.
  8. Correction estimates (and additional Agreement). Small changes can make without perekopirovannye.
  9. The bill for the second advance payment (30% of contact).
  10. Installation and customization of the platform (in your case 1c-Bitrix). Those.domain, hide from indexing.
  11. The layout of the design. Integration of design. Adaptability. Installing and configuring modules. Programming according to the TOR.
  12. Integration according to the TOR.
  13. The test content of the site. Testing.
  14. Submit site to the client. Payment of the balance 30%. A certificate of completion.
  15. The launch of our site on the main domain name. Create a backup of. Transfer of rights, passwords. Recommendations and a brief mini-manual.
>Additional work (promotion, advertising, content...), if you want the client's request. Consultations by email and phone in case of questions.

In some cases, the scheme of work may be adjusted. We have individual approach to each client!

Perfect templates do not exist.

Most of them are already adapted for mobile devices and major browsers (cross-browser and cross-platform absolutely does not exist, or is white background, black text, standard font).

If you work for 1C-Bitrix, then choose here

To select the optimal pattern, it is desirable to discuss the internal portion of the site (trade offers? Communication and kits? The remnants and warehouses? Payment, shipping?... Wishes..)

Need more detail to assess the scope of work and solution.

If it is possible to do via the csv import / export, about 4-5 Tr (I repeat – you need to see the front of the work! Maybe Tr 2, possible 10)

Manual proofreading, the correction of the texts of pictures – 150-250 rubles/page (depend on the volume and type of edits).


we provide high-quality fine-tuning advertising in Yandex and Google.

The cost of the" hour " depends on the specialists involved and the amount of work. The content Manager's time to maintain the site is cheaper, while the programmer's time to develop it is more expensive. For complex tasks, the average is 1400 rubles / hour. Large tasks (for example, creating a website) are cheaper in terms of hours.

Stages of development of the web site

Individual site   The website on the basis of the final decision
1. Getting to know you and your product (service). Filling the brief and the questionnaire to develop the site. Statement of the problem (what website, what goals, deadlines, nuances). Immediate tasks for SEO and advertising (both on the website to attract your first customers).  
2. Analysis of competitors and rapid market research.  
3. Clarification of the problem statement and preliminary calculation of the cost.  
4. Prototyping (concept sketch of the site). The terms of reference.  
5. Individual design.   1. Designed in the style of minimalism, ready-made solution.
6. Clarification of the technical specifications for the programming of the site (most likely at the design stage will have corrections and additions in functionality). Clarification cost.  
7. Layout and programming of the website.   2. Layout and programming. Customization of turnkey solutions for your project.
8. Adaptability for mobile devices.   3. Adaptability for mobile devices.
9. The test content data.   4. The test content data (if the agreement provides for).
10. Testing of functionality and adaptability.  
11. Site preparation for delivery. Short instruction to the content Manager.   5. Site preparation for delivery. A short manual for content managementEPA.
12. Checks of the website for check sheet.   6. Checks of the website for check sheet.
13. Transfer and acceptance. Publishing a website on the Internet. The transfer of the accesses.   7. Transfer and acceptance. Publishing a website on the Internet. The transfer of the accesses.
14. We will be glad to cooperate on further development and promotion of the site!   8. We will be glad to cooperate on further development and promotion of the site!
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