Contextual advertising

Какая бывает реклама

  • Реклама в результатах поиска по запросам, например:  купить клееный брус, ремонт квартир в екатеринбурге, диагностика двигателя цена...
  • Контекстная реклама ("догоняющая", "преследующая"): графические баннеры и объявления на разных сайтах, если вы что-то искали.
  • Реклама в Ютуб (YouTube): реклама ваших роликов в соответствующей тематике, встраивание вашего ролика в начало просматриваемых видео (в качестве рекламы).
  • Реклама ВКонтакте.
  • Реклама в Instagram (в связке с Facebook).
Service Price from ($)
Ведение рекламы Яндекс.Директ (минимальный тариф, в месяц) 6000
Ведение рекламы Яндекс.Директ + лендинг (если нет своего сайта или он не продает, в месяц) 16000

Service advertising campaign (for example Yandex.Direct)

  1. Analysis of competitors.
  2. Selection of optimal kernel requests within budget.
  3. The formation of the list of "negative keywords" (protection against untargeted visitors and random clicks) for all campaigns, individual ad groups.
  4. Development of individual campaigns "on the search" (for control and fine a green as budget, viewing statistics):
    • General focused on advertising General categories of goods or services (for example, "repair", or "appliances")
    • Competitors are focused on poaching customers
    • Goods (services) – active sale of specific goods or narrow categories (e.g., "mazda cx-5")
  5. Create separate campaigns for "thematic areas Yan" (what it is - read here ). To attract additional targeted traffic at a lower CPC.
  6. Writing of original texts with the wishes of the customer
    • Bright title, "selling" advertisement, the selection of attractive images, affixing quick links, clear contact information
    • Bidding, allocation and monitoring of budget
    • The optimal strategy of the display
    • Binding to the region
    • Passing moderation Yandex
  7. Adjustment of the campaign in the first month (from the beginning of the creation of the RK).
  8. Transfer your complete the personal account!

Next, you can Deposit funds on the Direct (cash, Bank transfer), order closing documents, update rates and so on. If the minimum budget for you Direct from 9000 rubles per month, then you will be assigned a personal account Manager from Yandex, which will help maintain the campaign free! (see here

Service monthly service advertising campaign


  1. Extension and refinement of the list of phrases based on the statistics
  2. The analysis of CTR and updating of ads, the writing of additional options of ads (for choice the most attractive system)
  3. Comparison with competitors, adjust rates
  4. Pobrobnee stats and Analytics, recommendations for improving the site.


Creation of advertising campaigns Yandex.Direct + Google AdWords discount on a second campaign 50%

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